Business Wire’s Guide for Enhancing Earnings Releases Now Available

By Vilan Trub, Business Wire

We are excited to announce the release of our latest guide on Best Practices for Enhancing Earnings Releases. Quite frankly, it couldn’t have arrived at a better time. The investor relations communications environment is evolving at an incredible rate and bringing a wave of influence over how company news should be issued. This informative white paper, penned by Business Wire’s Matt Van Tassel, Supervisor of Global Disclosure Services, lays the groundwork on how to conceptualize financial earnings news releases for maximum impact while meeting your company’s regulatory requirements.


Visibility and transparency might sound like an odd couple, but for the issuance of earnings information, they are requirements. This white paper explains the various techniques today’s public companies use for financial news that both increases reach and meets the needs of financial media agencies.

Here are the key takeaways from this paper:

  • Don’t leave out exchange and securities identifiers when utilizing a commercial newswire, a service that reaches thousands of online and offline media outlets and news portals. The inclusion of exchange and securities identifiers makes it easier for a release to be located and consumed.
  • Include financial tables! Financial audiences often utilize news gathering systems that are configured to search for specific line items.
  • Increase adoption of your message with bullet points. This helps readers understand your news and increases release readership. Viewers will notice sentences with bullet points first to determine if the content is worth exploring.

Also included in this guide are best practices for financial and business content, such as the inclusion of hyperlinks, multimedia and other engagement techniques to increase readership of your news and drive traffic to your website. Newer data enhancement and audience engagement opportunities are also introduced, like measurement, social media and sharing tools.

To download this free guide in its entirety, visit

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