Where do Latinos Go to Get the News They Trust?

By Pilar Portela, Business Wire Miami

With the recent 2016 presidential campaign coverage and the Donald Trump press conference scandal it should come as no surprise Jorge Ramos of Univision was voted the most trusted Spanish Language news anchor by 38% of US Hispanics. The poll conducted by SoapBoxSample also revealed Diane Sawyer is the most trusted English language news anchor by 39% of Latinos.

HispanicMediaInfographicAs we look to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15), it’s important to recognize where Latinos are consuming their news and the sources they deem trustworthy. After all, if you are a PR person trying to activate this audience, these publications are key to building relationships with Hispanic consumers.

The top news sources Hispanics find to be very or extremely trustworthy are newspapers (55%) and TV (55%). This is not news to smart Hispanic marketers. Many utilize commercial newswires such as Business Wire to reach these media outlets in one easy distribution.

When it comes to social media, 94% of Hispanics read their news on Facebook. This is huge! Social platforms are the jumping off point for today’s word of mouth marketing. To tap into this massive rate of news consumption, try Facebook’s targeted advertising. Relevant, interesting branded content targeted to particular audiences can be easily shared by readers, and those shares are seen as approval of the organization and their message.

Even more interesting is 54% of Hispanics say they find English and Spanish Language sources to be the same and 26% find English sources more credible. This is why companies like Business Wire distribute news to Hispanic media and communities in both languages. It allows for the end users to select the language option they prefer, ensuring a much higher potential for news engagement.

Today’s marketers must keep in mind that Latinos as a whole have become prominent players in the demographic landscape in the US. Making up 16.7% of the US population with an estimated purchasing power of $1.5 trillion this year, there is no doubt today’s Latinos play a key role in the US economy and in politics.

So how are you reaching these audiences? As we referenced earlier, one of the easiest ways to activate today’s Hispanic audiences is to share your news with them via a service like LatinoWire.  This news service translates and distributes your news in both English and Spanish to all relevant on- and off-line news and industry specific publications ensuring discovery and action by your key Latino audiences.  Click here to see the organizations, large and small, who are already marketing successfully to this important audience. Want to try LatinoWire for your next Hispanic audience release?  Let us know; we would love to answer any questions you have.

To read and access the SoapBoxSample poll go to: http://www.soapboxsample.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/HispanicMediaInfographic.jpg

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