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Business Wire, a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, is the global market leader in commercial news distribution. Thousands of member companies and organizations depend on Business Wire to transmit their full-text news releases, regulatory filings, photos and other multimedia content to journalists, financial professionals, investor services, regulatory authorities and the general public worldwide.In fact, Business Wire has the most comprehensive news and disclosure network in the world. We originate hundreds of thousands of news announcements each year, with a dramatic impact on capital and commercial markets around the globe and in virtually every industry sector.

Worldwide Disclosure Experts

Business Wire offers services for satisfying regulatory obligations in the US and around the globe. Our in-house EDGAR team – an industry first – makes Business Wire the largest EDGAR filer in the newswire sector. Business Wire also offers Canadian SEDAR and UK Regulatory filings, along with disclosure fulfillment in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Sweden and Switzerland.

Pinpoint News Delivery

In the US, our Business Wire, AutomotiveWire, EntertainmentWire, HealthWire and SportsWire networks offer more than 160 industry segments to provide highly targeted news delivery to relevant audiences. Business Wire also provides services for issue-specific news, such as our CSR Circuit for corporate social responsibility and our Public Policy Wire. Demographic services enable members to target ethnic media (Hispanic, African-American and Asian-American), collegiate media and more.

Unmatched Global Partnerships

Business Wire’s worldwide proprietary news network and affiliations with more than 60 major news agencies allow companies and organizations to target news releases to more than 145 countries and 45 languages. Business Wire is the only third-party content provider with access to the Associated Press’s worldwide media network and the first to gain access to the respected Agence France-Presse media network. In fact, Business Wire is the only commercial newswire that has full-text carriage provisions with all of the world’s leading news organizations: Agence France-Presse, Associated Press, Bloomberg, Dow Jones and Reuters.

Unsurpassed Photo and Multimedia Distribution

Via Business Wire’s exclusive Smart News Release platform, text news releases and multimedia content are posted online and distributed to key audiences via the Business Wire network. Photo Smart News Releases are posted directly to Yahoo! Finance, distributed to daily newspapers in the US via the Associated Press photo network and posted to community and industry-based websites. Smart News Release also offers photo distribution to newspapers and media in the UK, Europe, Asia and the Middle East via leading photo agency partnerships.

Measurement and Insight

Business Wire’s suite of measurement and monitoring services, NewsTrak, provides news release distribution statistics, website posting reports, online viewership data, media clips, media intelligence, reputation management and analytics.

Trade Show & Conference Partnerships

Our trade show and conference division is at the forefront of innovation, providing integrated communications tools to public relations and investor relations professionals. By working with leading industry shows and financial conferences, including having Official Wire status at dozens of them, we provide unique additional exposure for our members’ news.

More Newsrooms, More Accurate

Business Wire continues to be a proponent of personalized customer service. With more newsrooms than any other commercial newswire, Business Wire provides better local support with fast turnaround of your news releases and greater accuracy. That’s what more than 45 years of experience and credibility can do for you.

Comments to the BusinessWired blog are not posted immediately. We review them first in an effort to remove foul language, commercial messages or irrelevant content.

3 Responses to About Business Wire

  1. dan shingler says:

    i am a reporter trying to reach phil dennison, but your website does not facilitate that, ironically. please have him email me regarding how berkshire hathaway treats the companies it acquires.

  2. Phil Dennison, Senior Marketing Specialist, Business Wire says:

    Hi, Dan —

    Please check your email for a response.

    – Phil

  3. Jamal Omar says:

    I am working in Industrial Company and looking for public relation courses can help me in social community services and present the Company I am working for professionally.

    would you please provide me with full details (courses content + fee + duration) of short training courses (5-10 days) in public relation that will be conducted in DEC 2011 in Turki. BR

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